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How much does an economics teacher earn?


Before discussing the salary itself, it is important to clarify several points. First of all, you must understand that since Switzerland is a federal country, the cantons enjoy a great deal of autonomy . This applies to teachers’ salaries, and more broadly, to the salary system.

In fact, there is a minimum wage in Switzerland, not at the national level, but at the cantonal level. However, the minimum wage only applies to certain cantons . Others have chosen to leave management to the collective labor agreements (CCT) of certain companies. A third of Swiss employees are thus affected by CCTs.

In fact, after noticing the difference in minimum wages between the cantons and knowing that the salaries of teachers are also managed by the cantons, you therefore understand that your salary as an economics teacher will vary according to the canton where you will exercise . You should be aware that very significant disparities exist from one canton to another. For example, the canton of Geneva is known to be the highest paying canton, while the canton that offers one of the lowest salaries is Ticino.. This also seems consistent when you take a look at the different minimum wages: the canton of Geneva has the highest minimum wage while Ticino has the lowest minimum wage of the whole list. Thus, from one canton to another, you can find yourself with more than CHF 1000 difference in terms of salary, while you occupy the same position and the same functions.

In fact, when you start your studies to become a teacher of economics, remember not to neglect the choice of the canton in which you wish to study and work. But in any case, before even talking about salary, do not forget to find out about the steps to follow to obtain the necessary diploma and become an economics teacher.

As a teacher in the secondary level II, you will hold a greater number of diplomas compared to your colleagues in the secondary level I as well as in the primary level. In fact, your remuneration will be more substantial. Also, your salary will increase as you continue to teach .

Statistica has established the annual salary you will receive as a teacher of secondary level II in the public sector. However, you must be very careful with the numbers given . As we have mentioned, there are strong wage disparities between the cantons.

Regarding your salary as an economics teacher, you must therefore remember two points. On the one hand, depending on the canton where you practice your profession, your salary will be more or less low or high . If you want the highest possible salary, you should teach in the canton of Geneva. On the other hand, whatever your salary when you start your job, it will increase over the years

Indeed, remember that private schools must in most cases finance themselves and there is no collective labor agreement. In fact, teachers’ salaries are automatically lower than in the public sector and the contract is made directly between you and the private school. In addition, a salary distinction is made depending on whether you are a man or a woman, which does not exist in public education . And it does not stop there: in addition to a lower salary, it is important to take into account the working conditions, which are often denounced, with a number of working hours regularly exceeding the legal basis, in especially in boarding schools. Also, don’t forget to consider the qualifications needed to become a teacher and teach economics.

Speaking of benefits, don’t forget to take a look at the full overview of the positives and negatives of being an economics teacher !

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