Medical examinations

Medical examinations of visitors, students and workers


The panel physician does not make the final decision regarding your medical examination. We make that decision. If your review reveals a problem, we will contact you in writing.

If the designated physician does not use the eMedical system , you must bring 4 recent photos .

Before your appointment, contact the designated physician to find out if he uses the eMedical system.

The Panel Physician or clinic staff will ask for your identification to confirm your identity. If you are sent for X-rays or other tests, you may need to show your ID again when you go for these tests. We will also take your photo for our records.

Medical History Questionnaire

The doctor will complete a questionnaire about your medical history with you. This questionnaire covers any previous or current health problems. You will also need to list any medications you are taking, if any.

You may be referred to a specialist for further examinations, depending on the results of your medical examination. We ask that you respond to this request as soon as possible to avoid any delays in processing your medical examination.

The Panel Physician may offer you the administration of a COVID-19 vaccine accepted by the Government of Canada (if a vaccine is available). Vaccination is completely voluntary and not required as part of your exam .

If you receive a COVID‑19 vaccine during your examination, the Panel Physician will document the vaccination in your file.

interrupt the examination and ask that someone accompany you, even if you refused to be accompanied at the start

If you have any questions or are uncomfortable with any part of the exam, ask the Panel Physician to stop the exam and let them know your concerns.

Once the medical examination is complete, the doctor will send us the results. The doctor will give you a document confirming that you have passed the medical examination.

Whether or not you have had a prior medical exam, keep a copy of the document you receive from the panel physician confirming that you have passed your immigration medical exam.

Whether or not you have had a prior medical examination, the doctor will send us the results.

Keep a copy of the document given to you by the panel physician confirming that you have passed your immigration medical examination.

You must include a copy of the IMM 1017B advance medical report form that the doctor gave you after your exam. If the doctor uses the eMedical system , he will give you a paper information sheet.

You must attach this form to your paper application. If you are applying online, you will need to upload this form before you can submit your application.

If you had a medical examination after submitting your application

Duration of validity of your medical examination results

The results of your medical examination are valid for 12 months only. If you are a student or worker, your letter of introduction indicates the expiry date of your results (if you received the letter after November 30, 2021).

If you do not enter Canada as a visitor, student or worker within this time frame, you may need to undergo another medical examination.

Copy of medical report

If you would like a copy of the medical report, please ask the doctor at your appointment.

The medical reports and x-rays related to the medical examination belong to us. They will not be returned to you.

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