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The Evolving Role Of Pulmonologists In Covid-19 Treatment


The pandemic has pushed doctors to adapt quickly. Pulmonologists, and lung doctors, are at the front. These brave professionals face the reality of Covid 19 every day. The role they play is changing. It has to. One place stands out in this fight. It is the Houston interventional radiology clinic. The work done there is a beacon of hope. That’s what we’ll discuss today.

Changes in Treatment Approaches

The virus targets the lungs. The pulmonologists are our shield. They have adapted their approaches. They are using new techniques to fight Covid 19.

Most patients need oxygen. But some need more. They need a lung machine or ECMO. This machine can be a lifesaver. But it is risky. It is a last resort.

The Role of Houston Clinic

The Houston interventional radiology clinic is making strides. They are researching. They are pioneering. They are succeeding.

They have taken ECMO to a new level. They are using it earlier. They are using it more safely. They have saved many lives.

Comparison of Old and New Approaches

Let’s look at how things have changed. Here is a table comparing old and new methods:

ECMO use Last resort Earlier use
Risk High Reduced
Success Rate Lower Higher


Things are evolving. Pulmonologists are leading the charge against Covid 19. They are not just treating. They are innovating. They are winning. We owe them a debt. We owe them our gratitude.

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